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Childrens Care Ireland provides therapeutic care and support to children and young people in a nurturing home environment. We are passionate about the children in our care and are committed to providing safe spaces for children to flourish and reach their full potential.

Every decision we make is in the best interests of our young people and we aspire to create the optimum conditions for their growth and development.

Many of the children that we care for will have experienced some trauma in their lives and as a result may have complex and challenging needs. We support the CARE model designed by Cornell university and all our staff are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention ensuring that they can create environments where children and adults feel safe.

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Our homes

We support our children in small family style homes which offer stability and security and the chance to thrive and build lasting relationships. Our children participate in the day-to-day activities of any family home and are encouraged to engage in sporting and extra-curricular interests

Our Staff

Childrens Care Ireland have carefully selected professionals who share our passion for excellence.  All staff undergo an intense training program and are supported by ongoing supervision and support.   We provide continual encouragement and training to staff to endure the best possible outcomes for our children and young people.